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Libratus, the AI bot that made the news in 2017 for cleaning out four professional poker players in a game of no-limit Texas Hold 'em, has been called up to work for The Pentagon. Tuomas Sandholm's new startup, called Strategy Robot, is using the same technology today for government use. It now has a $10 million contract with the US Army.

For nearly three decades, every aspect of drone technology has seen some improvement, including materials used, sensors to communication hardware and software, and even the batteries that power those computers and sensors. The US Army has also seen the limitations of what it can and cannot do with a drone that has to either operate from a runway or be launched from a rail and caught on a hook. Into this mix of requirements and new possibility flies the Resolute Eagle, made by PAE ISR, complete with an ad hoc network system from Persistent Systems. The US Army is looking at a range of drones for possible Shadow replacement, and Resolute Eagle will have to provide what it takes.

The Synthetic Training Environment (STE) is the future of distributed interactive simulation (DIS), a technology that have been developping for decades. The goal of this constently evolving technology is to improve the formation of soldiers. However, today, simulations in the integrated training environment do not provide the realism, interoperability, affordability and availability necessary for the breadth of training that the Army envisions for the future. The STE will be able to do all that-it will be flexible, affordable and available at the point of need.

On 11 January 2019, at the Military Technical Institute (MTI), Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin, Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Milan Mojsilović, accompanied by Assistant of the Minister of Defense for Material Resources Nenad Miloradović PhD, attended the presentation of weapons and military equipment that have been introduced into the operational use of the Serbian Armed Forces in 2018 or are in the final phase of testing.

The 155 mm guided shell Excalibur will soon be qualified on Caesar wheeled self-propelled howitzer, reveals a video made by the artillery regiment of the Royal Danish Army. A first shooting campaign, conducted jointly with Nexter and American Raytheon, was completed in December on the firing range of the Oksbøl Artillery and Combat Support Center, says divisional engineer Per Mørkeberg, Head of the Department of Security and Ballistics.

The Uran-6 robotized system will be mounted on a new 8x8 KaMAZ chassis equipped with a special multi-lifting platform, the press service of the Russian Ground Troops said. "The platform design cuts significantly the time required to prepare the Uran-6 for operation. From now on, the Uran-6 will be mounted on a special platform. A special hydraulic drive will be used to remove it from the undercarriage and put it back in place. The whole operation takes no more than three minutes," it said.

Some Israel Defense Forces snipers will be equipped with a revolutionary “smart” gun sight that will help sharpshooters find their target with greater accuracy, Ynet and David Jablinowitz, World Israel News reported. The new device, named Dagger, was developed to help IDF troops hit moving targets precisely. It allows soldiers to hit a target on the first shot, regardless of their shooting skills, and reduces the chances of shooting innocent civilians.

The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Soldier Center at Natick is testing new Army Combat Boot (ACB) prototypes at three different basic training and active duty installations over the next four months. The effort will gather Soldier feedback toward development of improved footwear, as reported by RDECOM Soldier Center Public Affairs.

A relatively new weapon to combat the enemy is being used in Afghanistan and Southwest Asia. It's been around a little more than a decade and fits into the counterinsurgency warfare necessity of being able to identify who the enemy is by person versus just identifying an enemy organization. Jon Micheal Connor, U.S. Army Public Affairs, reports.

Equipped with futuristic individual combat weapons like grenade-launching assault rifles, corner-shot pistols and knife guns, the PLA special forces are aiming to build "super" soldiers capable of "1 vs 10" and to meet the requirements of the digitalization of modern warfare, ChinaMil reports.

AutoKrAZ has donated a 8х8 KrAZ-7634НЕ cab-chassis truck to the Ukrainian army. The 27-tonne cab-chassis truck is used for conversion to a vehicle equipped with heavy special equipment. Unlike its predecessors, it is provided with a more powerful engine rated at 460hp and automatic transmission with maximum torque rated at 2500 N/m. At the customer’s request, two 165-liter round fuel tanks are provided instead of two rectangular 350-liter ones.

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