First ex-Dutch army YPR-765 infantry fighting vehicle spotted in Ukraine

The first YPR-765 infantry fighting vehicle in the PRI version produced by Dutch company DAF (somehow a combat variant of the M113), long decommissioned from the Dutch army and transferred from a private collector, was recorded in Ukraine, as shown in a video published by the Ukrainian Front Twitter account and echoed by Militarnyi.
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Ex-Dutch army YPR-795 PRI infantry fighting vehicle in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. (Picture source: via Militarnyi)

The YPR-765 infantry fighting vehicle was based on the AIFV (Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle) design that was developed by the FMC Corporation in the U.S. It replaced the French-made AMX-VCI and YP-408 of the Royal Netherlands Army and entered service in 1977.

The YPR-765 PRI (Pantser Rups Infanterie, infantry armored vehicle on tracks) seen in Ukraine is armed with a 25 mm Oerlikon KBA-B02 cannon (fed with 180 shells, of which 105 are armor-piercing and 75 are high-explosive; additional ammunition consists of 140 shells ) and a Belgian FN MAG coaxial machine gun fitted in a turret (EWS - Enclosed Weapon Station). The YPR-765 PRI.50 is armed with a .50-caliber M2 HB machine gun in an M113-type cupola in place of a turret.

The vehicle carries a crew of three plus seven passengers (usually five transported). The difference between the Dutch and Belgian variants lies in the placement of smoke grenade launchers. On the Dutch ones, a block of six PUs is installed on the VLD, on the Belgian ones they were moved to the turret. The EWS turret is equipped with a day and night sight.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Dutch army YPR-795 PRI infantry fighting vehicle in The Netherlands (Picture source: Dutch army)

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