EDEN Defense Safety and Security Cluster latest innovations and technologies at SOFINS 2015

SOFINS 2015 Show Daily News
Special Forces Innovation Network Seminar

14 - 16 April 2015
Camp de Souge military base, France
Eden cluster at SOFINS 2015
EDEN Defense Safety and Security Cluster latest innovations and technologies at SOFINS 2015
EDEN, the first Defense, Safety and Security Cluster at SOFINS 2015 (Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar and Exhibition), with the biggest pavilion at the event where 17 companies presents their latest technologies and innovations of defense products dedicated for the Special Forces Operations units.
The pavilion of the EDEN cluster for defense, safety and security was represented by 13 companies including Aéronet, Aérotec Groupe, Elno, Essonne Sécurité, Metravib, Ouvry, Petzl, Rigomer, Rostaing, Securotec International, Sofileta, Titan Aviation, Wildsteer. Four other companies which are members of the EDEN cluster were exhibit separately: Atermes, Cedrem, InPixal, PGM Precision.

SOFINS (the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar) is designed to develop synergy in equipment between French Special Forces and the national network of industry suppliers, SMEs and the world of research. It gives exhibiting companies the opportunity to develop close, direct partnerships with those involved on the ground with the French and international Special Forces, in order to provide them with personalized, responsive solutions

For the EDEN Cluster, it is an excellent opportunity for economic development, allowing them to present their new developments and their offers to potential buyers "in action".

The idea behind this seminar onginated in 2010, when the EDEN Cluster and the Special Forces decided to create a hub to facilitate communication between the industrial world and the people 'on the ground", by bringing together all of the special forces, commando units and SME members of the cluster created in 2008 at one event.

Following this successful experience, the Special Forces Command (SFC) and EDEN launched SOFINS in 2013, with a new international dimension and including the world of research, as well as many specialized industry suppliers. This first success encouraged them to make the event something more regular, with the second SOFINS in April 2015. organized by the Cercle de I'Arbatete.