SOFIC 2018: GD OTS Unveils the Flyer 72 Tactical Utility Vehicle

At SOFIC 2018, the International Special Operations Forces Industry Exhibition Conference currently taking place in Tampa, General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD OTS) introduced a new addition to the Flyer 72 family of vehicles: The Tactical Utility Vehicle (UV) variant.

SOFIC 2018 GD OTS Unveils the Flyer 72 Tactical Utility Vehicle
Flyer 72 Tactical Utility Vehicle on GD OTS stand at SOFIC 2018.

The Flyer 72 Tactical Utility Vehicle (TUV) is a lightweight variant of the M1288 GMV 1.1 currently in operational use by USSOCOM and common to Army Ground Mobility Vehicle (AGMV) variant. The TUV’s open cargo deck (W69” X L83”) combined with below deck and external storage compartments provides an unprecedented total of 102 cubic feet of  cargo space for this class of vehicle.

With a payload capacity of 6000 Lb. (>2700 Kg), the Flyer 72 TUV offers an industry-first payload ratio greater than 1:1 (curb weight to payload), while retaining the same mobility, maneuverability and reliability of the GMV 1.1 and Army GMV variants. Like all Flyer 72 variants, the TUV is purpose built to reliably operate in severe, rugged and restrictive terrain, in all weather conditions.

The Flyer 72 TUV is a mature design that shares all the best qualities of the USSOCOM M1288 GMV1.1 and US Army M1297 AGMV:
• More options for payload and modular kits
• Shared design approach provides 90% parts commonality
• Internally & externally transported by CH-47/53 Helicopters and larger aircraft.
• Provides national strategic airlift options, nearly twice the amount of vehicles per flight on C-17 with more than double the soldiers per flight.

Flyer 72 TUV configurations include:
- 3 PAX with Open Cargo Bed Kits: 102 cubic feet of usable cargo space with payload capacity of 6,000 lbs.
- Mortar Weapon and Munitions Carrier Kits: Capable of carrying 120mm mortar weapon with 80 rounds on board.
- 12-Crew Assault Kits: Carries nine seated operators in cargo bed, three in cab.
- Tactical CASEVAC/Ambulance Kit: Carries up to four litters and three operators in cab.
- Shelter Carrier Kit: Ambulance or C4 shelter.
- K-9 Carrier Kit: Carries four canines and three-man crew.