Control Solutions showcases Remote Fire Option SOFIC 2017

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Army Recognition Daily coverage and Web TV
SOFIC 2017
Special Operations Forces Industry Conference

15 - 18 May 2017
Tampa, Florida - USA

Control Solutions LLC at SOFIC 2017
Control Solutions showcases its Remote Fire Option™ (RFO) turret system at SOFIC 2017
Control Solutions LLC is the leading developer and manufacturer of turrets, turret drive systems and turret accessories for tactical military vehicles. Our newest product development, the Remote Fire Option™ (RFO) system, provides a vehicle gunner with the flexibility to operate a turret weapon station either from inside the gunner station or operate it remotely while protected inside the vehicle as mission requires.
Control Solutions 640 001
The Remote Fire Option (RFO) at the Control Solutions' booth at SOFIC 2017 (Photo Army Recognition)
The RFO system gives the gunner the ability to reduce exposure to sniper fire, indirect fire, and enemy assaults from elevated positions. The RFO system can be either be adapted/added to existing turret rings or fielded as a new system.

RFO Operation: When the gunner senses the need to switch to remote fire operation, he can move down inside the vehicle and activate the RFO feature by flipping a switch on the control box. This locks the gun in alignment with the camera and activates the firing solenoid, camera, display, traverse and elevation drives, and joystick. The gunner then uses the joystick and trigger button to acquire and engage the target. The RFO weapon system is simple to operate and requires minimal training.

The RFO system provides a major tactical advantage by allowing the gunner the flexibility to either man the turret for increased situational awareness or operate the weapon station while protected.

Additional Control Solutions products include the CS5200 Lightweight Turret (75kg), CS7100 Turret Drive system, and CS6400 Heavy Duty Turret. Turret accessories include auxiliary power modules, turret spotlights, weapon mounted turret controllers and turret slip rings. Control Solutions products have been fielded on over 70,000 U.S. Military vehicles to date.