SITDEF 2015: Daher's brand new TBM 900 Multi-mission aircraft introduced in Lima 1605151

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14 -17 May 2015, Lima, Peru
Daher at SITDEF 2015
SITDEF 2015: Daher's brand new TBM 900 Multi-mission aircraft introduced in Lima
At SITDEF 2015, which is running until May 17 in Lima, Peru, the French company Daher-Socata decided to highlight its brand new TBM 900 Multi-Mission Aircraft. Daher designs and manufactures the family of TBM multi-mission aircraf (TBM MMA)t, which for close to 30 years has established itself as a real benchmark in the international aviation industry.
SITDEF 2015 Daher s brand new TBM900 Multi mission aircraft introduced in Lima 640 002Commanding General of the Peruvian Army Ronald Hurtado Jiménez at Daher's booth during SITDEF 2015
During SITDEF 2015, Daher is particulary showcasing the TBM 900, which is currently the world’s fastest single-engine turboprop aircraft. Daher’s vision of the role of an aircraft manufacturer encompasses the design, production and support as well as maintenance, repair and technical monitoring. The TBM, which combines cruising speed and trip time of a light jet with the economic direct operating cost, range and endurance of a turboprop engine, offers multiple applications for government, parapublic and professional operators, with the flexibility to perform such missions as : intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), medical evacuation, passenger transportation, and training and cargo.

The TBM 900, with a cruise speed of 330 KTAS at FL280 (in ISA conditions), gives owners and pilots the advantages of the typical cruising speeds of light jets, with the economical direct operating costs of a single-engine turboprop.
SITDEF 2015 Daher s brand new TBM900 Multi mission aircraft introduced in Lima 640 001Daher-Socata TBM 900 Multi-Mission Aircraft
The TBM 900 is powered by the reliable Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engine. The PT6A-66D model used on the TBM 900 has a thermodynamic rating of 1,825 horsepower and a flat-rated output of 850 shaft-horsepower making it one of the most powerful PT6A engines built to date. TBM 900 doesn’t have a 700-shp limitation for takeoff, as did all previous TBM models.

Approaching at only 90 KIAS or less, short runways or short unpaved surfaces will accommodate the TBM 900. The new 5-blade Hartzell propeller reduces noise and improves take off performance. The availability of thrust reversal on the TBM 900 substantially improves safety margins over aircraft without these capabilities when flying into shorter fields, (particularly when the surface is wet) allowing landing on extremely short strips and runways safely using less than 2,430 ft.

1,730 Nautical Miles is the range of the TBM 900 at long-range cruising speed with 4 people on board. The TBM 900 can fly more than 130 NM further than the TBM 850 using the same amount of fuel. If you want to travel 1,585 NM and reduce your flight by almost an hour, you can do it flying almost 40 kts faster in the TBM 900. The aircraft's cockpit has received new improvements, such as a new reclined Panel, an Automated Pressurization Control, a Garmin V14 software, a weather radar overlay, a single lever power control, and a new landing gear box control.

According to DAHER, a naval version of the TBM 900 is also proposed.

In its ISR variant, the TBM MMA offers an integrated solution to perform airborne surveillance, law enforcement, counter-smuggling, environment assessment, rescue and training misions. The ISR variant can accomodate three crew members with a full fuel load. The configuration of the aircraft allows rapid reconfiguration thanks to a quick change system. This allow the same sensor to be used on several aircraft, while allowing the swap-out of sensors on a TBM aircraft. The TBM MMA can perform discreet operations, thanks to its retractable system, which remove the sensor turret from sight when not in operation.

The TBM MMA can be equipped with all 10-in/15-in EO/IR HD stabilized cameras. More than 40 TBM MMA aircraft are currently operating around the world.