ST Kinetics unveils its Jaeger 6 UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle

ST Kinetics, the land systems subdivision of ST Engineering, an integrated defence & engineering group based in Singapore, unveils its new development of UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle at Singapore AirShow 2018, with the Jaeger 6, a 6x6 wheeled All-Terrain UGV. Configurable for a wide range of missions, the Jaeger UGV can be used for a wide range of applications as fire support, logistics supply, reconnaissance surveillance and target acquisition.

ST Kinetics unveils its Jaeger 6 UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle at Singapore AirShow 2018 925 001
ST Kinetics Jaeger 6 UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle at Singapore AirShow 2018 (Source Picture Army Recognition)

The Defense Company ST Kinetics of Singapore offers more than a decade of experience in unmanned mobility development with man-portable robots for surveillance and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosive (CBRNE) operations, as well as robotic wheeled and tracked vehicles.

The Jaeger 6 is the latest development of ST Kinetics about UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) technology. Based on a proven commercial skid-steer chassis, the Jaeger 6 can be outfitted with a wide range of payloads to address specific mission requirements. Jaeger is also equipped with proprietary control algorithms that enable it to operate semi-autonomously with a high degree of safety, making it a suitable alternative for labor intensive missions such as perimeter security and logistics support.

The Jaeger 6 can be operated by only one man via a control unit connected via a Wi-Fi connection, but the system can also be connected through to an encrypted 4G mobile network.

The Jaeger 6 is similar to the Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) developed by the American Company Lockheed Martin. The Jaeger is also available in a 8×8 configuration, but only the 6x6 version is ready for production.

The roof of the Jaeger 6 can be fitted with a range of accessories, including weapon, robotic or sensor systems. The Jaeger has a length of 2.5 m , a width of 1.5 m and an height of 0.85 m. The gross weight in the standard 6×6 configuration is approximately 750 kg with a maximum payload of 250 kg. It can be operated in standard use during 24 hours and 4 hours in silent mode.

The Jaeger 6 is electrically powered with onboard diesel generator and charge alternator to recharge the batteries that offers extending endurance up to 48 hours. It can run at a maximum speed of 16 km/h.

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