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JINO Motors at ShieldAfrica 2017
ShieldAfrica 2017: JINO Motors from South Korea promotes Riot Control Vehicles family
At ShieldAfrica 2017 international defense and security exhibition, being held until Jan. 26 in Abidjan, the South Korean company JINO Motors is introducing its JRC family of riot control vehicles for the first time in Africa.
ShieldAfrica Abidjan Defense Security Exhibition 2017 20A mock up of JINO Motors JRC-12000 riot control vehicle at ShieldAfrica 2017
JINO Motors has a strong relationship in Africa for its crowd/riot control vehicles counting among its 17 clients the governments of Chad, Ethiopia and Kenya, and is is now proposing its portfolio to the Ivoirian authorities.

The JRC comes in three variants: the JRC-6500 with 6,500 liters capacity, the JRC-9000 with 9,000 liters capacity and the JRC-12000 with 12,000 liters capacity.

All three are equipped with two water guns on the roof featuring a shooting distance of max. 70 m. The vehicle is also equipped with lateral and rear water cannons able to shoot at a max. distance of 20 m. All JRC feature a bump nozzle and hydraulic control blade in front of the cabin. The pump engine is an in-line 4 cycle water cooled turbo charger.

For protecting the 5-strong crew, the JRC family is equipped with self-fire fighting system, tire protection cover, and optional cabin armoring and run flat tires.

All devices can be controlled by a ‘Main Control Panel’ which is installed inside of cabin more safely and conveniently. Also, built-in cameras allow viewing of the situation and can record everything happening at the scene.