Norway awards contract to FFG for Leopard 2 based engineer vehicles

The Norwegian Defence Material Agency (NDMA) has awarded FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH (FFG) a further contract for the delivery of Leopard 2-based WiSENT 2 Armored Engineer Vehicles (AEV) and further services. This new contract was signed on September 20, 2018, approximately three years after the first contract for Norwegian WiSENT 2 Armored Recovery Vehicles (ARV), which are currently being delivered ahead of schedule and within the budget. The AEV features high logistical commonality with the latest Leopard 2 MBT A7 version.

Norway awards contract to FFG for Leopard 2 based engineer vehicles
FFG WiSENT 2 Armored Engineer Vehicle (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The highly digitized Norwegian WiSENT 2 AEVs will be equipped with the Kongsberg Integrated Combat Solution (ICS) system, already integrated under the ARV contract, a powerful excavator and dozer system, as well as FFG’s innovative Auxiliary Power Booster (ABP) -- a brand new lithium battery solution that replaces the traditional diesel Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).

For self-defense, all Norwegian WiSENT 2 will be equipped with the Nordic Phase 1 Remote Weapon Station from Kongsberg. With this order more than 40 WiSENT 2 are either delivered or under contract by FFG within the last five years, and the WiSENT 2 platform currently represents the top-selling Leopard 2-based heavy support vehicle within NATO.
Norway, as the second NATO nation fielding the WiSENT 2, has thus indicated a very high interest to build up a LEOBEN user group for the WiSENT 2 as soon as possible.