Russia has deployed PMM-2M amphibious bridging ferry in Syria

Russian Road Service specialists have built a bridge across the Euphrates several kilometers away from Deir ez-Zor in northeastern Syria to transport military hardware and personnel to the eastern bank, Chief of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Road Service Vladimir Burovtsev said. To perform this operation Russian armed forces sent latest generation of amphibious bridging ferry PMM-2M in Syria.

Russia has deployed PMM 2M amphibious bridging ferry in Syria to buid bridge across Euphrates 925 001
Russian PMM-2 amphibious bridging ferry in Syria.

The PMM-2M is floating bridging and ferry system designed and manufactured by the Russian defense industry. The vehicle is based on the suspension of the T-64 main battle tank. PMM-2 units can be connected together to form floating bridges. The PMM-2M can also be used to create bridge of 20m wide for water crossing of combat vehicles.

The small panel road bridge was erected in less than two days amid continuous shelling, he added.

"Unmanned aerial systems were used. Explosive substances and grenades were falling on us from the air during the assembly work. However, we have no losses, no injuries. Everything was erected on schedule," Burovtsev said.

The bridge has a length of 210 meters. It can serve 8,000 vehicles a day. It supports the weight of heavy armored vehicles, such as tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and multiple launch rocket systems, Burovtsev said.

According to him, the bridge will be also used to deliver humanitarian aid to towns liberated from terrorists and evacuate injured people.

Before the bridge was erected, only advance detachments of the Syrian Armed Forces had crossed the river with the use of pontoons.

Now, the main body of the Syrian government forces is preparing for a mass crossing of the Euphrates.

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