South Korea starts using Remoeye-002B mini UAV for monitoring border with North Korea 22309152

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South Korea starts using Remoeye-002B mini UAV for monitoring border with North Korea
South Korea began to churn out mini-size drones Wednesday to better surveil North Korea's military activities along the land and sea borders, the country's defense acquisition agency said. Local drone manufacturer UCON System delivered its first batch of the unmanned aerial vehicles, known as the Remoeye-002B, after three years of development, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration said in a statement.
South Korea starts using Remoeye 002B mini UAV for monitoring border with North Korea 640 001South Korea took delivery of a first batch of Remoeye-002B mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
UCONSYSTEM’s RemoEye-002B is a mini-scale, lightweight UAV. It can be preprogrammed to fly along preselected routes or can be operated in autopilot mode. Its flight mode can be changed during flight. In the Emergency mode, it automatically spirals up to the line of sight for communication recovery or returns home on its own.

Measuring 1.4 meters long and 1.8 m wide, the Remoeye-002B can fly at a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour for a flight mission of up to 60 minutes, with capacities to surveil and transmit images on a real-time basis around the clock.

Remoeye-002B has a max take-off weight of 2 kg and an operational range of more than 10 km. It is powered by an electrical motor. It is made of light weight composite.

The DAPA will distribute the new drones to front-line infantry units and Marine Corps troops in stages until 2017 for the tasks of surveilling North Korea's military activities near the border.

"The drone deployment will greatly improve infantry battalions' combat power," a DAPA official said, highlighting that the new aircraft will enable troops to oversee enemies from the air before launching attacks, a major leap from current surveillance dependent on human eyes.