Russia moving tanks and artillery to Syria 41509154

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Russia moving tanks and artillery to Syria
Russia has been moving tanks at an airfield near Latakia, in Syria according to Reuters, citing two US officials who declined to reveal their identities.
Russia moving tanks and artillery to Syria
T-90 tank (Source: Rostec)

According to their statements, seven T-90 tanks and artillery had been spotted at the airfield. All the equipment were reported to be in a defensive position. The equipment is added to the reports claiming that 200 Russian naval infantry soldiers were stationed at the camp and that a mobile air traffic control station and air defence system have been transported.

Western sources claim that two flights from Russia arrive at the airfield on a daily basis, over the past week. The airfield is said to be improving, probably to be able to allow more types of aircraft to operate from there.

Pentagon’s spokesman, Captain Jeff Davis, stated: “we have seen movement of people and things that would indicate that they plan to use that base there, south of Latakia, as a forward air operating base”. He declined to comment any further on the intelligence reports of the two officials.