L-3 received contract for Apache MUMT-X upgrade program 42109151

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L-3 received contract for Apache MUMT-X upgrade program
L-3 Communications announced today that it has been awarded a new communications upgrade subcontract from Science and Engineering Services, LLC in support of the U.S. Army’s Apache helicopter program.
L-3 received contract for Apache MUMT X upgrade program
A Boeing AH-64 Apache firing its 30mm gun (Source: US Army)

As part of this project, which offers increased communications capacity between the Apache and unmanned systems, L-3’s technology will deliver high-speed transmit and receive capability of wideband video and data. The initial contract is valued at $11.9 million and the work will be performed by L-3 Communication Systems-West in Salt Lake City.

The L-3 solution, called MUMT-X, is based on the highly successful MUMT-2 system, with its proven interoperability, reliability and record of meeting mission objectives. L-3’s MUMT-X communications suite incorporates state-of-the-art equipment, including a ROVER 6 modem, multiband Radio Frequency Equipment, and an innovative directional antenna capable of relaying multiple video streams back to the command center. MUMT-X significantly increases the Apache aircrews’ situational awareness and combat effectiveness, while shortening decision-making timelines.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with the U.S. Army to provide Apache crews with a superior in-theater communications capability that will give them an important tactical advantage,” said John Mega, president of L-3 Communication Systems. “This work is an ideal fit with our industry-leading expertise and strategy of developing mission-critical technologies that enable us to expand our business base while contributing to the Army’s effectiveness in protecting our national security.”

Work on this project is now underway, with completion anticipated in August 2017