Yugoimport has developed POS 145 new light anti-tank missile weapon system

At Partner 2021, defense exhibition in Serbia, Serbian company Yugoimport presents the POS 145, a new generation of light anti-tank missile weapon system designed to destroy tanks, armored vehicles, or fortifications at a distance from 0.4 to 2.5 km.
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Yugoimport presents its new POS 145 light anti-tank missile launcher unit during Partner 2021, defense exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The POS 145 is a light anti-tank fire & forget guided missile which does not require further guidance after launches such as illumination of the target or wire guidance, and can hit its target without the launcher being in the line of sight of the target. The guidance system of the missile is based on the video/infrared homing head.

The POS 145 is a single-shot weapon system consisting of the launcher unit, one anti-tank missile, a grip with a trigger, one sighting system, and a shoulder unit mounted in the center lower part of the tube launcher. The tube launcher is a disposable unit, after the launching, a new container with one missile can be easily fitted on the launching mechanism.

The POS 145 has a weight of 17 kg with the missile, a length of 1150 mm, and a diameter of 155mm. The missile can be used against static and moving targets with a hit probability from 70 to 80%. The propulsion of the missile consists of a solid rocket motor. The missile is fitted with a tandem-shaped charge warhead weighing 6.4 kg and has a firing range from 0.4 to 2.5 km.

Using the sight system mounted on the left side of the tube launcher, the operator could acquire the target and press the trigger to launch the missile that follows approximately the ballistic trajectory in the vertical plane, providing for a greater angle of incidence. Based on the image obtained from the homing head, the missile trajectory can be corrected to match the target speed, which results in an automatic hit of the moving target.