Serbian Military Technical Institute unveils T18 set of protective ballistic equipment

The T18 set is intended for infantry units of the Serbian armed forces for both ballistic protection and carrying various pieces of equipment, including weapon loaders. It enables their optimal distribution on the upper part of the body.
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T18 ballistic protective equipment (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The T18 set ensures unhindered and quick use of all the parts of weapons, military equipment and associated combat resources. The vest itself is designed to protect the body’s vital parts (chest, abdomen, neck, and groin), shoulders and upper arms from fragments of grenades, bombs, shells, as well as bullets fired by handguns and submachine guns (up to 9mm). Ballistic plates from the set protect from the impact of a rifle bullet at level IV. The protective ballistic helmet protects the head against knife attacks, and small-caliber ammunition of « special type » (reference ammunition for testing protection level IIIa, NIJ STD0101.04).

T18 set also contains knee and elbow protection, and a plastic holster for an automatic pistol and two loaders.

As far as a soldier can stand it, the set can be used under temperatures ranging from -30° to +50°.

The vest (« plate carrier ») weighs 1.3 kg. A protective steel plate weighs nearly 2.8 kg. The helmet weighs 1.6 kg. When fully loaded, the vest with contents weighs 8.5 kg. The ballistic belt with equipment weighs 1.2 kg.