Serbian Military Technical Institute unveils Obad combat quadcopter at Partner 2021

The Serbian Militry Technical Insititute unveils its Obad short-range combat quadcopter UAS which can be operated manually or programmed for autonomous operation thanks to GNS navigation.
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Obad combat UAS (Picture source: Army Recognition)

This combat drone can be used by day or night for reconnaissance, intelligence collection, target identification, acquisition and destruction. Other payloads of a maximum 50 kg can be carried instead of the weapon system.

The drone can be armed with different weapons: 4x60mm M80 rockets intended to be fired on targets distant of some 500 meters, 2x90mm M79 rockets intended to be fired on targets distant of some 1,000 meters, or 2x120mm mortar shells. The weapon mount can move at +/- 12° in azimuth, and -45° to +5° in elevation. The observation/sighting system consists of a daylight CDD camera with 30x optical zoom, a thermal camera with x4 digital zoom, and a laser rangefinder efficient up to 2 km.

The tactical communications jammer operates in the 30-80 MHz band, or 512 MHz in option.

Obad is motorized by 8 electrical DC engines (68.8 kW) driving two-blade, contrarotative propellers. The operating weight is 120 kg. It can operate for 15 to 20 minutes at a cruising speed of 45 km/h, at an operational altitude of 500 meters and at a maximum distance of about 5 km.