Serbian Military Technical Institute presents family of armored command reconnaissance vehicles

The Serbian Military Technical Institute presents four variants of a 4x4 armored vehicle that seems to be the second generation of BOV, intended for infantry, artillery and reconnaissance units. All versions include a C2 module (communication and computer equipment) and a remotely controlled weapon station armed with either a 7.62mm machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher.
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The armored vehicle presented by the Military Technical Institute is available in four variants (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The modular armor provides a high level of ballistic and anti-mine protection. The front armor protects from projectiles of up to 14.5mm caliber (protection STANAG 4569 level 4). The sides of the vehicles are protected against projectiles of up to 12.7mm, and the back and roof against 7.62mm (SANAG 4569 level 3).

The communication system includes HF and VHF radios. The vehicles are fitted with an automatic fire protection system. The power available without using a generator should last some 8 hours.

The Military Technical Institute mentions three possible systems that can be fitted on the vehicle:
• target acquisition and support/command system for artillery units ;
• multisensor optoelectronic system with daylight and thermal cameras, digital magnetic compass and GPS to collect intelligence and track selected targets; these cameras also assist the driver in difficult weather conditions and for a night drive.