Oganj-M MLRS displayed at Partner 2021

Further development of the M-77 MLRS concept and LRSVM Morava has given a new modular launcher: Oganj LRSVM M18, with an armored cabin on a FAP 6x6 chassis for close battlefront action and possibilities to launch Košava 1 and Alas missiles along with other unguided rockets and guided missiles with a range of up to 50 km.
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Displayed at Partner 2021, the Oganj-M MLRS first appeared at Partner 2017 defense exhibition (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Military Technical Institute Belgrade on demand from the Serbian army carried on a modernization program for Oganj M-77 that included a modern navigation and fire control system, along with digital radio equipment. As part of the modernization, a new 128mm rocket with a range of 50 km and better CEP is produced by Krušik Valjevo

For the needs of the Serbian Army, the process of modernization of the Oganj M-77 MLRS has been switching to modern digitalized technology, which enables the MLRS to occupy a firing position and get ready to fire within 150 seconds without the crew getting out of the vehicle. Two minutes only to leave the position after firing. With the previous system, it took 26 minutes to occupy a firing position and get ready to fire. After modernization, the MLRS benefits from an automatic determination of the coordinates of the firing position, leveling and pointing of the weapon, as well as the new inertial and GPRS navigation system, associated with a battle management system to interact with higher command echelons (C4I). New M-18 missiles with a range of up to 40 km have also been introduced. A new guided rocket has also been developed, with a range of up to 50 km. Each rocket or missile container is to be loaded into place by a logistical vehicle with a hydraulic crane.

To summarize, the various unguided and guided rockets Oganj-M can fire are as follows:
• Plamen A/D 18mm, 2x16, 8.5 to 12.7 km range
• M-18 128mm, 2x16, 20.6 km range
• M-19 128mm, 2x16, 40km range
• M-20 ER 128mm, 2x12, 50km range
• Grad 122mm, 2x12, 20.4 km range
• Grad 2000 122mm, 2x12, +40km range
Guided missiles
• Alas, up to 8 missiles, 10kg warhead, 30km range
• Kosava 1, up to 4 missiles, 100kg warhead, +45km range