South Korean Raybolt ATGM missile in service with Saudi Arabia army

According to a video released on Internet, the Saudi Arabia armed forces have purchased 3rd generation Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) Raybolt developed and manufactured by the South Korean Defense Company LIG Nex1.

South Korean Raybolt ATGM missile in service with Saudi Arabia army 925 002
Print Screen video footage published on YouTube showing the use of the Raybolt ATGM by Saui forces in the Yemen conflict (Picture source Youtube account Fahed)

The Raybolt ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) would have been used by Saudi armed forces in the Yemen conflict against a houthi vehicle in Saada.

The Raybolt is a South Korean-made man-portable third-generation anti-tank guided missile manufactured by the South Korea defense Company by LIG Nex1. The new missile was unveiled by the LIG Nex1 in February 2017.

During the Defense Exhibition in South Korea, DX-Korea 2018, South Korean army has showcased a new version of anti-tank armored vehicle called K-153C based on Kia Motors’ Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV).

At DX Korea 2018, the roof of the K-153C 4x4 armored vehicle was fitted with a Raybolt launcher turret armed with two missiles ready to fire. There is four additional missiles carried inside of the vehicle in individual containers. The Raybolt wil have a maximum firing range of 2.5 km.

The Raybolt can identify and engage a target using its image Infrared Seeker. The missile can operate in two different mode including direct attack and top attack where missile target's the upper part of an armored vehicle.

Unlike other conventional missiles where the operators were required to aim at the target to guide the missile, the Raybolt employs fire and forget function. After launch, the operator can move to other locations immediately. Such feature increases the survivability of an operator. Also, the missile is smokeless where it is possible to launch the missile from inside a building.

South Korean Raybolt ATGM missile in service with Saudi Arabia army 925 001
Raybolt ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) launcher unit at DX Korea 2018, Defense Exhibition in South Korea. (Picture Army Recognition)