Saudi Al Shibl 4x4 light armored vehicles in service in Turkmenistan

The Turkmen army has put a Saudi-made light armored vehicle 4x4 into service: the Al Shibl.

Saudi Al Shibl 4x4 light armored vehicles in service in Turkmenistan
Al Shibl light armored vehicle, made in Saudi Arabia (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Pictures and videos recently released showed that, at a recent military parade, Turkmenistan revealed its purchase of Al Shibl armored vehicles from Saudi Arabia. Eight vehicles were seen in the parade. The total number of units actually bought from Saudi Arabia is unknown. Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2016 and met with King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud to discuss a range of bilateral issues, including defense cooperation.

Built on a commercial chassis, the Al Shibl has a steel body offering a level 1 of the STANAG 4569 standard. With its combat weight of 4,600 kg (payload: 1 tonne), it is reported to be able to travel up to 120 km/h on road conditions thanks to its 228 hp engine (torque: 367 nM). The power/weight ratio is 49 hp/tonne. The vehicle has a crew of two, with room for seven passengers. The vehicles in Turkmen service have manned turrets with machine guns on the roof. Different variants are available, fitted with the appropriate equipment and/or armament.

Turkmenistan has stepped up its procurement of armored vehicles in recent years, buying hardware from the Gulf states as well as from Turkey.