Estonia to purchase new long-range antitank weapons

The Estonian Centre for Defence Investment said on 12 October that it is to buy at least 18 antitank missile systems with ammunition. The potential supplier also has to supply auxiliary equipment, provide technical support and training.

Estonia to purchase new long range anti tank weapons
Firing of a FGM-148 Javelin antitank missile (Picture source: Estonian MoD)

“The antitank system to be procured must have a range of least 4,000 metres (4,374 yards), and the new weapon must be capable of destroying targets behind a barrier,” Priit Soosaar, the head of the procurement department at the defence investment centre, said.

Obviously to get some sort of quality and reliability guarantee, the weapons must be in serial production and in use in the military forces of at least one NATO member state. The estimated cost of the contract, which must include the option for the purchase of additional units, is €40 million. The weapons systems are meant for an upgrade of the weaponry of the anti-tank companies of Estonia’s infantry brigades, where conscripts will be trained in their use.