Brazil: Avibras delivers last Astros MK 6 artillery systems to the army

The Brazilian army has taken delivery of eight Astros Mk 6 vehicles. The vehicles were the last of the second batch of vehicles to be delivered. In June 2012, the Brazilian MoD awarded Avibras a procurement contract worth $525 million for three ASTROS 2020 batteries (54 launchers).

Brazil Avibras delivers last Astros MK 6 artillery systems to the army
Astros MK 6 of the Brazilian army (Picture source: Brazilian army)

Two of the vehicles are Fire Control Units, used to coordinate and control the launching of rockets; three are the Meteorological Positions type, which carry out the meteorological survey for the best use and precision of the rockets; and three of the vehicles are the Electronic Workshop type, which provide up to second stage maintenance of the vehicles.

Deliveries were made as part of the Projeto Estratégico do Exército ASTROS 2020. On August 26, 2011, the Brazilian Ministry of Defense awarded Avibras Industria Aerospacial SA an initial contract worth $28 million to commence development of the ASTROS 2020. This system is an improved, all-digital version of the ASTROS II, compatible with the AV-TM cruise missile. The six-year ASTROS 2020 program carries a potential value of $659 million.