KMW rolls-out the Stryker Launched Assault Bridge 42710153

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KMW rolls-out the Stryker Launched Assault Bridge
Krauss-Maffei Wegmann introduced into the market the new Stryker Launched Assault Bridge integrated on a vehicle of this type. The first presentation of the system in a scale model was at the AUSA exhibition, according to
KMW rolls-out the Stryker Launched Assault Bridge
The Stryker Launched Assault Bridge (Photo: KMW /

The aluminum bridge has a length of 12m., allowing it to bridge gaps of up to 11m. for vehicles of up to 40 tons. It is hydraulically deployed with the use of two arms at the front of the vehicle. The bridge can be set up in two minutes according to the manufacturer. Although it was exhibited on a Stryker vehicle, it is could probably be integrated on other wheeled platforms.

Wheeled vehicles offer a great advantage in speed but in certain cases tracked ones have a greater capability in overcoming obstacles or crossing rough terrain. Moreover, the new system could seem as another type burdening an Army’s logistical system. The argument against this is that such a bridge provides the organic capability to a Stryker Brigade Combat Team or any other unit with wheeled platforms, to move quickly, without relying to the means provided by the upper echelons of the formation, which may also lack the speed as they are usually based on tracked platforms.