India test-fired an Agni IV ballistic missile 41011154

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India test-fired an Agni IV ballistic missile
India test-fired the Agni IV ballistic missile for the fifth time on 9 November. The missile was launched by a mobile launcher at the Abdul Kalam Island (former Wheeler Island), off the coast of Odisha. The firing test was carried out by the Indian Army’s Strategic Forces Command, which controls the country’s ballistic missile stockpile, in cooperation with the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO).
India test-fired an Agni IV ballistic missile
The missile during ignition from the vehicle launcher. (Photo: DRDO)

Agni IV is a two-stage solid-propelled surface-to-surface missile. It is designed to carry a payload of up to one tonne, including nuclear warheads, at distances of 4,000 km. Its navigation is carried out by a gyro-based Inertial Navigation System (INS) and a Micro Inertial Navigation System (MINS). Both of these systems are considered to have protection against counter-measures.

According to the DRDO and Army officials, the test was successful and met all the required objectives, with the results being confirmed by the telemetry equipment. The missile was launched at 09.45 at a height of 600 km before the re-entry vehicle with a dummy payload was separated and come through the atmosphere. Having withstood the extreme temperatures of this phase, it splashed in the pre-determined area in the Bay of Bengal.