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Ukrainian Navy joins multinational Joint Warrior-23-II exercise led by UK.

| 2023

On October 23, the Ukrainian Navy made an announcement marking a significant moment as it participated in the multinational military exercise known as "Joint Warrior-23-II," taking place in the territorial waters of the United Kingdom. Representing Ukraine in these naval operations are the opposing ships "Cherkasy" and "Chernihiv," which are part of the counter-action tactical group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Ukrainian Cherkasy Gyurza-M class during the Warrior-23-II Exercise (Picture source: Ukrainian Navy )

The exercise is conducted under the expert guidance of mentors from the UK's Royal Navy and is part of a broader training initiative aimed at achieving a comprehensive level of preparedness among participating units. The event gathers military forces from various nations, including not only the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force but also the ground forces of Great Britain. Ukraine joins other participating countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, France, and Denmark, each contributing their own ships and vessels to the drill.

The primary objective of "Joint Warrior-23-II" is to enhance the readiness levels of crew members and the staff of the counter-action tactical groups, facilitating their ability to carry out designated tasks. The training also aims to improve coordination and cooperation among multinational units. Special focus is given to planning and executing countermeasures according to NATO standards, an essential step for seamless integration in joint multinational operations.

According to the Public Relations Service of the Navy Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the multinational exercise is an invaluable opportunity for gaining experience in international operations, setting the stage for further cooperation among allied countries in the field of defense and security.

The "Cherkasy" is a ship of the "Gyurza-M" class, often used for coastal patrol, escort, and surveillance missions. With a length of nearly 23 meters and a width of 4.8 meters, the ship has a draft of 1 meter, allowing it to operate in shallow waters. Equipped with modern armaments, including 30mm automatic cannons and machine guns, the "Cherkasy" can engage a variety of threats, ranging from small boats to aerial targets.

Similarly, the "Chernihiv" is also a "Gyurza-M" class ship, designed for a range of tasks, including patrol, surveillance, and escort missions. With dimensions similar to the "Cherkasy," the "Chernihiv" is also equipped for operations in shallow waters. Its armament includes 30mm cannons, machine guns, and other weapon systems for versatile engagement.

The "Joint Warrior-23-II" exercise serves as an essential platform for bolstering military collaboration and operational readiness, further aligning Ukraine's naval forces with international military standards.

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