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Russia Navy's aircraft carrier Kuznetsov leaves USC's dry dock.

| 2023

According to information published by Tass on February 22, 2023, the Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov heavy aircraft carrier has left the dry dock of 35th Ship Repair Plant, a subsidiary of the Zvyozdochka Ship Repair Center of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), the Zvyozdochka Ship Repair Center said.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov. (Picture source: Война История Политика)

Vladimir Maltsev, the head of the All-Russian Fleet Support Movement, reported earlier that the aircraft carrier’s exit from the dock had to be suspended because of thick fog.

The Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft carrier entered the dry dock in May last year. Its repairs and modernization kicked off in June. An operation to leave the dry dock began late in December 2022.

Earlier, USC Chief Executive Officer Alexey Rakhmanov told journalists that Admiral Kuznetsov upgraded would join the Russian Navy early in 2024 after profound modernization.

About the aircraft carrier

The Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier is a large warship with a displacement of 43,000 tons when light and 58,600 tons when fully loaded. It has a length of 305 meters and a beam of 72 meters.

The ship's propulsion system includes steam turbines, eight turbo-pressurized boilers, and four shafts generating 200,000 horsepower. The vessel can reach a top speed of 29 knots (54 km/h).

The Kuznetsov class has a range of 8,500 nautical miles at a speed of 18 knots and an endurance of 45 days. It has a complement of 1,690 personnel, including 626 air group and 40 flagstaff members. The armament consists of six AK-630 AA guns, eight CADS-N-1 Kashtan CIWS, 12 P-700 Granit SSM, and 24 8-cell 3K95 Kinzhal SAM VLS.

Additionally, the ship carries RBU-12000 UDAV-1 ASW rocket launchers with 60 rockets. The Kuznetsov-class aircraft cruiser/aircraft carrier also has the capacity to carry an air group of 18 Su-33 aircraft, 6 MiG-29K aircraft, 4 Ka-31 helicopters, and 2 Ka-27 helicopters.

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