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UK to supply Brimstone anti-ship missiles to Ukraine within weeks.

| 2022

According to information published by The Times on April 28, 2022, the delivery of Brimstone anti-ship missiles to Ukraine will take place in the coming weeks.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Maritime Brimstone anti-ship missile (Picture source: MBDA)

The Brimstone is an air-launched ground attack missile developed by MBDA for the Royal Air Force. It was originally intended for "fire-and-forget" use against mass formations of enemy armor, using a millimetric wave (mmW) active radar homing seeker to ensure accuracy even against moving targets.

Brimstone has a 6.3 kg (14 lb) Tandem Shaped Charge (TSC) warhead that employs a smaller initial charge around 100 g (0.22 lb), designed to initiate reactive armor, followed by a larger, more destructive 6.2 kg (14 lb) charge, designed to penetrate and defeat the base armor.

Brimstone is a "fire-and-forget" missile, which is loaded with targeting data by the weapon systems officer (WSO) prior to launch. It is programmable to adapt to particular mission requirements. This capability includes the ability to find targets within a certain area (such as those near friendly forces), and to self-destruct if it is unable to find a target within the designated area.

Maritime Brimstone provides a unique and unrivaled all-weather, rapid anti-swarming FIAC capability weapon, offering the naval operator the option of engaging a wide range of target types, including fast-moving individual targets in cluttered environments, in both direct and indirect fire modes.

Maritime Brimstone is the latest member of the proven Brimstone Weapon System family; building upon the successful deployment of Brimstone into front-line operations with the RAF.

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