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Türkiye refuses to let two Russian warships enter the Black Sea.

| 2022

According to information published by Liga on November 7, 2022, Russian warships, which came from Vladivostok to the Mediterranean Sea back in February and planned to reach the Black Sea through the Bosporus Strait to shell Ukraine, are returning home. Türkiye did not let them through.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Russian Navy's Slava class cruiser Varyag. (Picture source: goodfon)

On November 6, the Russian Pacific Fleet's missile cruiser Varyag (011) and the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs (564) were spotted in the Singapore Strait on their way to their home base in Vladivostok from the Mediterranean Sea.

After that, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Varyag, Admiral Tributs, and the tanker Boris Butoma had passed the Strait of Malacca and entered the South China Sea.

About the cruiser Varyag

Russian cruiser Varyag is the third ship of the Slava-class of guided missile cruisers built for the Soviet Navy now serving the Russian Navy. The vessel was launched on 28 August 1983 and commissioned on 16 October 1989.

The vessel has a standard displacement of 10,000 tonnes (10,000 long tons) and 12,700 t (12,500 long tons) at full load.[2] Varyag measures 186.4 metres (611 ft 7 in) long with a beam of 20.8 m (68 ft 3 in) and a draught of 8.4 m (27 ft 7 in).

The vessel is powered by a combined gas or gas (COGOG) system comprising four 23,300 kilowatts (31,250 shp) boost gas turbines and two 8,900 kW (12,000 shp) cruise gas turbines driving two shafts for a combined 93,000 kW (125,000 shp).

This gives the cruiser a maximum speed of 34 knots (63 km/h; 39 mph). It has a range of 9,000 nautical miles (17,000 km; 10,000 mi) at 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph).

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