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Taiwan sends Cheng Kung-class frigate in response to Chinese drills.

| 2022

According to a tweet published by Ryan Chan on August 5, 2022, the Taiwanese Navy Cheng Kung-class frigate encounters China PLA Navy Type 052C destroyer Changchun (150) in the southwestern waters of Kao-hsiung Harbor.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Chinese Type 052C destroyer and Taiwanese Cheng Kung-class frigate (Picture source: new27brigade)

The Cheng Kung-class frigates are guided-missile frigates currently in service in the Republic of China Navy (ROCN). They are based upon the U.S.Oliver Hazard Perry-class and built by China Shipbuilding Corporation in Kaohsiung, Taiwan under license throughout the 1990s as part of the Kuang Hua I project.

These frigates served as the mainstay of the ROCN's area air defense capability prior to the acquisition of the Keelung (Kidd)-class destroyers in 2005. They are designated with the hull classification PFG (Patrol Frigate, Guided missile) rather than FFG (Frigate, Guided missile) used by the Oliver Hazard Perry class.

The frigates have a length of 453 ft (138 m), a beam of 46.95 ft (14.31 m), and a displacement of 4,103 long tons (4,169 t) full load. They can reach a top speed of 29 knots ( 54 km/h).

The General Dynamics LM2500 gas turbine engine used in the Success class is a high-performance simple cycle twin shaft engine with a modular design for easy installation and maintenance, 23.3 megawatts of power, and 36.6% thermal efficiency.

The main air-to-air detection system of the Chenggong class is the SPS-49(V)5 air-to-air search radar, which uses C/D band with 360kw peak power and 13kw average power, with a maximum search range of 460km.

The launch rate is up to 6 rounds per minute, using the ship's MK92 Mod.6 launch control system guided by STIR-240. It can also use MK75 Type 76 fast gun, 40mm/L70 fast gun and MK15 square array for air defense. The radar of the Ming and Fengjia ships is SPS-49A(V)1.

They are armed with Mk 13 Launcher for 40 RIM-66 Standard MR missiles, two triple Mark 32 torpedo tubes with Mark 46 anti-submarine torpedoes, OTO Melara 76 mm/62 caliber naval gun, two Bofors 40mm/L70 guns, 20 mm Phalanx CIWS point defense cannon, four Hsiung Feng II and four Hsiung Feng III SSM.

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