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Russia transfers Rubin class patrol boat from Caspian Sea to Black Sea.

| 2022

According to information published by Военный Осведомитель on July 29, 2022, one of the newest border guard Rubin-class patrol boats (Project 22460 Okhotnik) Rasul Gamzatov is transferred to the Black Sea from the Caspian Sea for further service.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Russian Rubin class patrol boat Rasul Gamzatov (Picture source: Военный Осведомитель)

The Rubin class, Russian designation Project 22460 Okhotnik, is a class of Russian border patrol vessels being constructed for the Russian Coast Guard.

It is designed to combat surface and airborne targets and threats. It can also conduct patrol and convoy escort duties. It is equipped with a Horizon Air S-100, a license-built version of the Austrian Camcopter S-100 helicopter unmanned aerial vehicle, which is intended for search, detection, and identification of small high-speed sea targets at a distance of 150 km (93 mi) from the carrier vessel.

The patrol craft has been designed with a higher degree of stealth than past Coast Guard ships. The patrol craft has a steel hull, with a double bottom and double sides to increase survivability.

They are equipped with comfortable berthing for the crew, modern architecture, and other comforts like a swimming pool. The patrol craft is equipped with the Opto electronic control system SP-520M, which functions as a fire control system for the main gun and can search and track targets during the day or at night and is equipped with a laser rangefinder, the patrol craft is also equipped with the navigational and tactical complex "TRIMS-22460".

The ship's armament gives them anti-surface and air defense capability, in the event of wartime mobilization the craft can be up-armed with anti-ship missiles. She can also carry a 57mm A-220M gun mount instead of an AK-630 on the bow.

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