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Philippine Navy conducts naval drills with destroyer JS Kirisame.

| 2022

According to information published by the Japanese government on October 28, 2022, the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force JS Kirisame and ShinMaywa US-2 participated in the exercise "SAMASAMA/LUMBAS2022". The training exercise conducted search and rescue training with naval vessels & aircraft of participating countries to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen cooperation.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 The short takeoff and landing amphibious aircraft ShinMaywa US-2 and the Hobart class HMAS Hobart. (Picture source: Japanese government)

JS Kirisame (DD-104) is the fourth ship of Murasame-class destroyers of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). She was commissioned on 18 March 1999.

The hull design was completely renovated from first-generation destroyers. In addition to increasing the size in order to reduce the underwater radiation noise, both the superstructure and hull were inclined to reduce the radar cross-section.

However, there is no angled tripod mainmast like the one of the American Arleigh Burke-class destroyer because of the heavy weather of the Sea of Japan in winter.

The aft was designed like a "mini-Oranda-zaka" as with the Kongō class to avoid interference between helicopters and mooring devices. Destroyers built under the First Defense Build-up Plan, including the former Murasame class, adopted a unique long forecastle style called "Oranda-zaka".

The engine arrangement is COGAG as in the Asagiri class, but a pair of engines were updated to Spey SM1C. The remaining pair were replaced by LM2500, as in the Kongō class.

The advanced OPS-24 active electronically scanned array radar and OPS-28 surface search and target acquisition radar introduced into the fleet with the latter batch of the Asagiri class remain on board, and there are some new systems like the NOLQ-3 electronic warfare suite and OQS-5 bow-mounted sonar.

About the ShinMaywa US-2

The ShinMaywa US-2 is a large Japanese short takeoff and landing amphibious aircraft developed and manufactured by seaplane specialist ShinMaywa (formerly Shin Meiwa). It was developed from the earlier Shin Meiwa US-1A seaplane, which was introduced during the 1970s.

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