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Discover Nexter 40 mm Naval Gun RapidFire at Euronaval 2022.

| 2022

On the occasion of Euronaval 2022, International Naval Defense Exhibition, which was held in Paris, the French firm Nexter unveiled its 40 mm Naval Gun RapidFire.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 40 mm Naval gun RAPIDFire, Euronaval 2022, Le Bourget. (Picture source: Navy Recognition)

Naval forces are exposed to different air and surface threats with complex behaviours, such as unmanned air and surface vehicles, light aircraft and missiles.

RAPIDFire is a multi-role artillery 40mm gun system designed by Thales and Nexter, to meet the very short-range defence requirements of the armed forces.

Remotely operated, RAPIDFire is based on the 40CTAS gun suite and its ammunitions, and features an integrated Fire Control system including the operator console, offering anti-surface and anti-air capabilities, in Naval and Land environments.

With a target air to surface up to 4000m, RAPIDFire is a weapon system offering high precision thanks to its optronic fire control system integrated on a lightweight and non-intrusive turret, its advanced algorithms, powerful gun and automatic ammunition management system allowing the best reactivity and efficiency for the operator, whatever the sea state.

RAPIDFire incorporates a 40 mm gun developed by CTAS, the international subsidiary of Nexter Systems and BAE Systems, to equip latest-generation armoured vehicles for the French, Belgian, and British land forces.

The system is equipped with 5 selectable types of ammunition and is compatible with the full range of ammunitions developed for land forces programmes as well as the new smart Anti Aerial Airburst (A3B) rounds.

With its combination of fast-into-action time and firing accuracy, RAPIDFire provides the perfect response for protecting Navy vessels against air and surface threats.

Thanks to RAPIDFire, platforms are equipped with an effective close-in defence capability. RAPIDFire is planned to become the new standard gun system for French Navy ships of 2nd rank : replenishment vessels (BRF), ocean patrol vessels (PO) and future mine warfare vessels, and secondary artillery for ships of 1st rank.

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