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DIMDEX 2022 Video: Virtual tour and overview of Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition.

| 2022

Video: Day 1 for Navy Recognition editorial team at Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition 2022, which takes place in Qatar from 21 to 23 March 2022. In this video, a virtual tour and what you can see at DIMDEX 2022.
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Citing, the Staff Brigadier Abdulbaqi Al-Ansari from the Qatari Navy, due to the lasting importance of our seas and oceans and its effect on our national economies, the maritime domain continues to be a primary concern to countries around the world. Ensuring the safety of the maritime domain is a challenging task that demands the cooperation of all the parties within the maritime security and defence domain, both military and civilian. In response to this, effective platforms showcasing the latest innovations and technologies that bring together leading stakeholders, key decision-makers, industry experts, maritime and security defence technology developers, as well as research and development institutions have emerged to endorse discussions of the latest updates, tackle new challenges and provide innovative solutions and constructive plans.

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