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Philippine Navy recommissions corvette BRP Magat Salamat.

| 2021

According to information published by the Philippine News Agency on December 28, 2021, the Philippine Navy (PN) will be using the recently decommissioned World War II-era corvette, BRP Magat Salamat (PS-20), as a temporary command post for the duration of the relief operations in Dinagat Islands.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Corvette BRP Magat Salamat (Picture source: Philippine Navy)

BRP Magat Salamat (PS-20) is one of several Miguel Malvar classes of patrol corvettes in service with the Philippine Navy. She was originally built as USS Gayety (AM-239), an Admirable-class minesweeper with a similar hull to the PCE-842-class patrol craft produced during World War II.

In 1962 she was transferred to South Vietnam for service in the Republic of Vietnam Navy as RVNS Chi Lang II (HQ-08). She was acquired by the Philippine Navy in April 1976 and later on commissioned as Magat Salamat.

During its overhaul and refit between 1996 and 1997, the Philippine Navy made some changes in the armament setup.

Final armaments fitted to the ship are one Mk.26 3"/50-calibers long cannon (fore), three single Bofors 40 mm cannons (aft), four Mk.10 Oerlikon 20 mm cannons (two each on bridge wings), and four M2 Browning 12.7 mm/50 caliber machine guns (two besides main bridge, two aft near the lower Bofors gun tub).

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