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Elettronica and Rohde & Schwarz joins forces for German RECM systems.

| 2021

According to a press release published by ADMI on July 1, 2021, Elettronica (ELT) and Rohde & Schwarz RCESM/RECM technology solution brings high reliability and strong situational awareness to the fore.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 (Picture source: Rohde & Schwarz)

Both companies have signed a cooperation agreement for the conception and delivery of radar and communication electronic support measures (RCESM)/radar electronic countermeasures (RECM) in Germany, with a focus on German naval programs.

ELT and Rohde & Schwarz will continue their significant R&D spending in this area to offer customers the most modern and reliable technology in the future. Under the cooperation agreement, both companies have agreed to seek complementing contributions based on their existing solutions within their portfolios.

Elettronica, founded in 1951, is a European leader in the production of Electronic Defence equipment (EW). The experience in the design and production of EW equipment and systems acquired in over 60 years guarantees reliable, effective solutions able to satisfy the changing needs of modern defence. Elettronica supplies all solutions, systems and products in the EW field: from interception capacity during law enforcement operations to surveillance of risk areas, to the self-protection of platforms in hostile zones, up to monitoring the electro-magnetic scenario.

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG is an international electronics group specializing in the fields of electronic test equipment, broadcast & media, cybersecurity, radio monitoring and radiolocation, and radiocommunication. The company provides products for the wireless communications, broadcast & media, cybersecurity and electronics industry, aerospace and defense, homeland security and critical infrastructures.

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