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DSEI 2021: Rafael showcases SEWS DV Naval Electronic Warfare Suite.

| 2021

The Israeli firm Rafael displays SEWS DV Digital Shipborne Electronic Warfare Suite at DSEI, Defence and Security Equipment International which takes place 14-17 September in London.

Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 SEWS-DV Digital Shipborne Electronic Warfare Suite (Picture source: Navy Recognition)

SEWS-DV is a naval EW suite comprised of digital receives, and digital technique generators, optimized to handle very dense electromagnetic environments.

Capable of threat identification and simultaneous jamming and deception of multiple threats, the SEWS-DV is designed for both ESM and ECM applications.

The system features high effective radiated power (ERP), an advanced DRFM-based technique generator and sophisticated power management techniques. From real-time detection and analysis in a complex electromagnetic environment to the identification, jamming and deceiving of surface ships, attacking missiles, aircraft and radar sites, the SEWS-DV is the system of choice, whatever the threat.

SEWS-DV is designed to fit onboard all types of ships, including OPVs, corvettes, frigates and destroyers. Highly reliable and low maintenance, the SEWS-DV system is operated by a single crew member and is modular, enabling expansion according to user requirements. The system easily interfaces with combat management system (CMS) and other on-board combat and data systems.

Rafael has supplied naval EW systems in various configurations, including complete EW suites, such as SEWS, C-Pearl ESM and Shark-ECM systems to the Israeli Navy and to other navies around the world.

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