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Russian Navy could acquire ten more project 20380 corvettes.

| 2020

A bunch of project 20380 corvettes may be developed in the near future. Indeed, Amur Shipbuilding Plant could acquire the contract for the construction of ten corvettes of this project. This information was reported last week by "Vedomosti" with reference to two independent sources in the USC and the Ministry of Defense.

Russian Amur Shipyard could acquire order for ten project 20380 corvettes 925 001 The first two corvettes of project 20380, built by PJSC Amur Shipbuilding Plant (NPS) for the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy (Picture source: Russian Ministry of Defense)

According to the sources, the Amur Shipyard could get a contract for the construction of ten corvettes of project 20380. The Ministry of Defense and USC are currently discussing the terms of the contract for ships, the signing of the agreement may take place in 2021.

According to the publication, the new corvettes of project 20380 will go to the Pacific Fleet of Russian Navy, which currently has already two corvettes built in the Amur Shipyard (transferred to the Pacific Fleet in 2017 and 2018).

Project 20380 Steregushchy Class corvettes are the new multirole vessels being built by the JSC Severnaya Verf shipyard and Amur Shipbuilding Plant for the Russian Navy.

Steregushchy Class was designed by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau. The stealthy design significantly reduces the radar signature of the ship. The acoustic, infra-red, magnetic and visual signatures were also reduced by incorporating the stealth technology in the construction of the warship.

The corvettes have an overall length of 105m, a width of 13m and a draft of 3.7m. Full load displacement of the ship is 2,100t. The vessel can sail at a maximum speed of 27kt. It can complement 100 personnel, including helicopter maintenance crew.

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