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Mooring trials of Volkhov diesel-electric improved Kilo-class submarine of project 636.3.

| 2020

The Admiralty Shipyard began mooring trials of the Volkhov diesel-electric submarine of project 636.3, improved Kilo-class submarine. The improved Project 636.3 Kilo-class SSKs (nicknamed “Black Holes” by the U.S. Navy) has primarily been designed for anti-submarine and anti-surface ship warfare.

Mooring trials of Volkhov diesel electric improved Kilo class submarine of project 636 3 925 001Russian Navy Project 636.3 improved Kilo-class submarine. (Picture source Twitter)

“The trials will take close to three months. Experts will test all systems and mechanisms, including the navigation system, communications, general systems and controls, torpedo and missile complex, sonar, etc. After the mooring trials, the submarine will begin running and acceptance tests,” it said.

The Volkhov is the second of six submarines built for the Pacific fleet. It was laid in July 2017 and floated in December 2019. The Admiralty Shipyard is preparing to dock the blocs of the Magadan and the Ufa submarines. All the blocs have passed hydraulic tests. The construction of the series goes on schedule and is to be completed in 2022.

The contract for the construction of project 636.3 submarines for the Pacific fleet was signed in September 2016. Rubin Design Bureau upgraded the torpedo-missile complex, the command system, radar and sonar. General systems were upgraded to increase stealth characteristics and improve living conditions.

The Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky lead submarine of the series was handed over to the Navy on November 25, 2019. It was built in 28 months.

Project 636.3 submarines (Improved Kilo by NATO classification) are the third generation of diesel-electric submarines which are most noiseless in the world. They develop underwater speed of 18 knots, submerge to 300 meters and have the cruising capacity of 45 days. The crew comprises 52 men, the underwater displacement is close to four thousand tons. They carry Kalibr missiles to strike at surface (3M-54 and 3M-541) and ground targets (cruise missiles 3M-14) and have new electronic equipment.

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