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Launch of 600-ton catamaran-hull patrol vessel Anping CG601 for Taiwanese Coast Guard.

| 2020

According to a statement released by the Taiwanese company Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Group (JSSC) on April 28, 2020, the first 600-ton catamaran-hull patrol vessel, Anping (CG601) for the Taiwanese Coast Guard was launched in the southern port city of Kaohsiung.
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Launch of 600 ton catamaran hull patrol vessel Anping CG 601 for Taiwanese Coast Guard 925 001 The new patrol vessel Anping CG601 for the Taiwanese Coast Guard. (Picture source Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Group)

In 2019, Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Group (JSSC) began the construction on the first of twelve 600-ton catamaran patrol vessels ordered by the Coast Guard Administration. By 2009, JSSC had built more than 400 ships. In 2009 JSSC received orders for more than twenty ships between 500-tons and 2,000-tons from the Coast Guard Administration (Taiwan) (CGA). In 2015 JSSC launched two 3,000-ton patrol ships for the CGA, the Yilan (CG 128), and Kaohsiung (CG 129). JSSC is participating in the development of a Taiwanese domestic AUV.

The new Anping vessel is based on the design of Tuojiang-class stealth missile corvette in service with the Republic of China Navy. The coastguard model has a cruising speed of 35 knots compared to 30 knots for a current 600-ton craft. The new vessel is fitted with high-pressure water cannon but can be converted to carry anti-ship missiles in wartime.

The Tuo Jiang-class features an advanced optimized twin-hulled catamaran design configuration. The versatile design configuration enables smooth operations in harsh sea conditions such as sea state seven. The stealthy hull form offers a low radar signature.

The Anping ship has been modified and optimized as a sea patrol vessel according to the requirements and mission characteristics of the Taiwanese Coast Guard. Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Group expects that the ship will be completed and delivered by October 2020 and will be used to littoral protection and fishing control rights in the southern waters.

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