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First stage of training for crews of Russian Navy Tsiklon Karakurt-class corvette and Graivoron Buyan-M-class corvette.

| 2020

Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov held a conference call on the training of crews for the Tsiklon Karakurt-class corvette of project 22800 and the Graivoron Buyan-M-class corvette of project 21631 in the Russian Navy training center in St. Petersburg, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

First stage of training for crews of Russian Navy Tsiklon Karakurt class corvette and Graivoron Buyan M class corvette 925 001 Russian navy Karakurt-class corvette of project 22800. (Picture source Wikimedia)

“The crews completed the first stage of training. It includes the study of instructions for everyday activities, rescue training, medical provision, as well as nuclear, chemical and biological protection,” it said. The second stage includes a detailed study of life-support systems and armaments, as well as survivability drills.

Yevmenov ordered the training center to effectively train the crews. “By June 1, the crews of the Tsiklon and the Graivoron have to be fully ready for all trials and the acceptance of the warships into service,” he said. The training engages simulators to train the chain of command post-combat information post-navigator operations.

The Karakurt class, Russian designation Project 22800 Karakurt is Russia's class of missile corvettes designed to conduct anti-surface and anti-air warfare, as well as coastal surveillance missions in littoral zones. A total of 18 Project 22800 Karakurt-Class corvettes are to be included in the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet and Northern Fleet by 2022.

The main armament of Karakurt class consists of Kalibr-NK cruise missiles fired from an eight-tube UKSK vertical launching system (VLS). The second armament includes Pantsir-M missile and anti-aircraft gun complex. There is also an AK-176MA 76.2mm automatic gun located on the forward bow deck.

The Karakurt class corvettes is also armed with two AK-630M 30mm close-in weapon systems (CIWS), which can strike aerial and surface targets such as anti-ship missiles, aircraft and helicopters, as well as small-size surface vessels, floating mines, and shore-based fire posts.

The 900-ton class Project 21631 Buyan-M is a stretched version of the 500-ton Buyan class gunboat. The Buyan-M features a larger and more sophisticated weapons payload including state-of-the-art missile systems. The 74-meter longship is intended to perform anti-surface warfare (ASuW) combat missions with secondary air defense capability thanks to four Igla-1M surface-to-air missiles (SAM).

The Buyan-M weapon system consists of a single A-190 100mm cannon, two AK-630M anti-aircraft guns, eight Club-S Kalibr anti-ship missiles, and four Igla-1M SAMs mounted on a 3M47 Gibka launcher. Besides, these vessels are equipped with a variety of 14.5mm and 7.62mm machine guns.

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