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Euronaval Online 2020: BAE Systems has developed the world's most advanced lightweight torpedo Sting Ray Mod 1.

| 2020

BAE Systems has developed the world's most advanced lightweight torpedo called Sting Ray Mod 1, able to counter all submarine threats in both Open Ocean and littoral engagements. In-service with the British Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, it has been also selected by the Norwegian Armed Forces and is capable of integration into surface and air platform mission systems.

SAAB exhibits products and solutions for maritime defense IMDEX 2019 925 001A Stingray Training Variant Torpedo is fired from Type 23 frigate HMS Westminster during an exercise. (Picture source British Navy)

The Sting Ray Mod 1 is an air-launched Anti Submarine Warfare lightweight torpedo launched from frigates, helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft against submarine targets of all types. It has a sophisticated acoustic homing system and a highly accurate navigation system. The torpedo can detect, classify and attack targets autonomously.

Developed from its predecessor Mod 0 torpedo, Sting Ray Mod 1 features a completely new sonar system, an Insensitive Munition Warhead, a new tactical and navigation system and a new sea water battery system. It has low through life costs and requires no intrusive maintenance throughout its service life.

The quiet electric propulsion lightweight torpedo has a sophisticated homing system, highly accurate navigation and the ability to detect, classify and attack targets autonomously. It can be integrated onto a wide variety of platforms and is capable of air or surface launch. Proven in service for more than 20 years, it has been constantly improved to meet evolving threats and environments.

The Sting Ray is capable of defeating the threats of fast, deep-diving, double-hulled submarines operating in shallow littoral waters. Primarily for anti-submarine warfare, it also has anti-surface ship capability, making it the world’s most advanced lightweight torpedo.

The new, insensitive munition, shaped charge warhead, ensures high lethality against the most hardened submarine targets. In addition to generating a significant isotropic blast effect, the shaped charge produces a highly directional jet of molten metal to penetrate the pressure hull of the submarine and inflict catastrophic damage. The new insensitive munition Mod 1 warhead meets NATO’s current and foreseeable requirements

Sting Ray Mod 1’s main power source is a magnesium/silver chloride battery with a sea water electrolyte, featuring manufacture and installation improvements to the battery stack. To maximise effectiveness, Sting Ray’s guidance and homing system enable precise aimpoint selection for accurate placement of the warhead at near normal incidence to the submarine pressure hull. The re-engineered nose section in Mod 1 provides optimum lethality. In trials, Sting Ray warheads produced levels of target penetration considerably in excess of that previously achieved.

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