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Euronaval 2020: Black Scorpion small-size torpedo from Leonardo.

| 2020

Italian Company Leonardo presents its small-size torpedo Black Scorpion at Euronaval Online, the virtual edition of Euronaval 2020 19 to 25 October. Visit this link to have access to Euronaval Online and visit the virtual booth of Leonardo.

SAAB exhibits products and solutions for maritime defense IMDEX 2019 925 001Black Scorpion small-size torpedo from Leonardo (Picture source Leonardo)

The Black Scorpion torpedo was designed to be launched from sonobuoy tubes found onboard ASW helicopters and Maritime Patrol Aircraft. The mini torpedo is intended to be used when the submarine contact is not accurate. The Black Scorpion "pings" in the water which either locates the target or forces the target to move. Black Scorpion retains the ability to hit the target and induce damage with its small warhead.

Its development should be brought back to the complexity of the international scenarios that are characterized by the growing number of mini-submarines (Midgets); this has given birth to the need for weapons capable of forcing the threat to commit indiscretions, thus accelerating its classification process and avoiding the use of very expensive torpedoes.

The Black Scorpion can be launched both from aircraft and ships and submarines through buoys dispensers and launchers, which the Units are already equipped with. It can operate in shallow water and, thanks to its characteristics it can be effectively employed in an anti-terrorist role within the asymmetric fight.

The Black Scorpion torpedo has a body diameter of 127mm and a length of 1.1 meters. She has the capacity of operating in shallow waters (ASW) at sea depths ranging from 30 to 200 meters, being launched in AIR mode.

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