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Brazilian Navy conducts first immersion tests with its new Riachuelo S40 submarine.

| 2020

According to a tweet released by Naval Group on November 30, 2020, the Brazilian Navy has conducted the first immersion tests with the Riachuelo (S40) submarine, which is based on the Fench-made Scorpene-class.
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Russian Vyborg Shipyard laid the Purga ice class coastguard ship of project 23550 925 001 Brazilian Navy conducts first immersion tests with its new Riachuelo (S40) submarine.(Picture source Naval Group Twitter)

The Riachuelo (S40) is the lead ship of the four Scorpene-class based diesel-electric attack submarines built for the Brazilian Navy. The submarine is undergoing trial tests in Brazil to later be joined by her sister submarines Humaita (S41), Tonelero (S42), and Ango Stura (S43).

In 2009, the Naval Group was entrusted by the Brazilian Navy with designing and transferring the technology for four conventional Scorpene submarines, and for the design and manufacturing assistance for the non-nuclear part of Brazil’s first nuclear-powered submarine. The contract also included support for the construction of a naval base and a shipyard in Brazil. The Riachuelo (S40) was launched in December 2018 and commissioned in October 2020.

The Brazilian submarine class has received the designation of Riachuelo-class. The submarine is based on the design of the Fench Scorpene-class but it has a length of 71 m while the Scorpene has a length of 61.7 m providing additional storage space for fuel, food, and naval equipment. It can carry a larger crew, almost double the patrol range, and be able to cover greater distances.

The submarine has a displacement of 2,200 tons in immersion. It has an endurance of 50 days and can reach a maximum depth of 350 m. It has a crew of 35 people.

The Riachuelo (S40) armed with six 21-inch torpedo tubes for up to 18 F21 torpedoes and/or SM39 Sub Exocet missiles and underwater mines. It will also be equipped with two periscopes, one traditional and the other optronic, capable of sending images directly to the MFCCs (Multifunction Common Console).

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