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UK to purchase motherships for Special Forces and Marine commandos.

| 2019

According to Britain's Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, the UK is to purchase 2 new Special Forces motherships to storm ennemy beaches. This move is to replicate a US government project which aims to convert commercial tankers into combat motherships for its Marines and Special Forces. This purchase would also mean a massive expansion for the Royal Navy's beach assault force.

UK to purchase motherships for Special Forces and Marine commandos The Defence Sec aims to replicate a US Govt project, which has already seen the launch of a converted commercial tanker, the USS Lewis B Puller (Picture source : Alamy)

The Royal Navy is to purchase commercial tankers and convert them into warships, to carry out Special Forces missions on land – or major assaults by Royal Marine Commandos. Thanks to its large deck, it will be able to carry troops, artillery, vehicles, drones and even helicopters.

Converting commercial tankers into warships is cheaper than designing and building new ones. Though it may not be more efficient. Yet, it appears to be a new strategy some powerful nations are to implement (i.e. the US, and now the UK).

These ships, armed with helicopters, drones and fast boats, will loiter off coasts ready to launch troops and war gear on enemy beaches. They will also be able to accommodate smaller landing ships, unmanned vessels and amphibious assault ships. All of these capabilities will make these ships become the "motherships" of the Special Forces and the Royal Marine.

Of course, the ships will not operate alone either. They will form two separate “strike groups” along with escorts vessels, support ships and choppers. One would be based to the East of Suez in the Indo-Pacific, and, one based to the West of Suez in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Baltic.

Those two "motherships", alond with "our two aircraft carriers, our amphibious assault ships Albion and Bulwark, and our Bay Class landing ships will give us a sovereign, lethal, amphibious force" according to Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson. “This will be one of the largest and best in the world" he added. Then, he finally said "Our world-renowned Royal Marines will be forward deployed, at exceptionally high readiness and able to respond at a moment’s notice bringing the fight from sea to land".

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