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Sea-Air-Space 2019: BAE Systems displays its latest innovations.

| 2019

BAE Systems is presently exhibiting its latest innovations, from 6 to 8 May, at the U.S. Navy League's annual Sea-Air-Space Exposition, which is the largest maritime exposition in the United States.

Sea Air Space 2019 BAE Systems displays its latest innovations An artist rendering of the APKWS Laser-Guided Rocket launched from a helicopter (Picture Source: BAE Systems)

Among the products and services BAE Systems is displaying during the exhibition are the APKWS Laser-guided Rocket, a prototype of an Electromagnetic (EM) Railgun, Hypervelocity Projectiles, Electronic Warfare technologies, Long Range Anti-Ship Missiles (LRASM), the Mk 45 Mod 4 Naval Gun System, the Striker II Digital Helmet, Vulcano Precision-guided munitions, and its ship repair solutions.

The APKWS guidance kit transforms an unguided 70mm rocket into a precision-guided rocket, giving warfighters a low-cost surgical strike capability. It redefines precision by hitting the target with pinpoint accuracy and minimal collateral damage.

BAE Systems is also the leader of the development of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Electromagnetic (EM) Railgun innovative naval prototype. This fascinating technology, which uses high-power electromagnetic energy instead of explosive chemical propellants to launch projectiles farther and faster than any previous system, is currently in Phase 2 of the program. During this phase, the company will advance the railgun by maturing the launcher and pulsed power from a single shot operation to a multi-shot capability. Auto-loading and thermal management systems will also be incorporated. BAE received a $34.5M contract from ONR in 2013 to pursue these efforts.

As for the Hypervelocity Projectiles (HVPs), these are a next-generation, common, low drag, guided projectiles capable of executing multiple missions for a number of gun systems (Navy 5-Inch, 155mm systems, and future EM railguns). BAE is currently developing an HVP for the U.S. Armed Forces.

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