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Russian Navy to get over 480 items of armament and military hardware.

| 2019

The Russian Navy will receive over 480 items of armament and military hardware in 2019, including submarines, surface ships and missile systems, President Vladimir Putin said at a government meeting on defence on Tuesday.

Russian Navy to get over 480 items of armament and military hardware 925 001 Russian President Vladimir Putin at government meeting (Picture source: TASS)

"Under the defence procurement plan, the Navy will get more than 480 basic types of armament and hardware this year. They include two submarines, 23 surface ships and support vessels, three aircraft, four coastal defence missile systems and more than 400 various missile and torpedo weapons," Putin stated.

The state trials of the Borei-A-class lead nuclear-powered submarine Knyaz Vladimir are at their final stage and the construction of four more such subs is underway, Putin specified.

"As for the grouping of the Navy’s strategic conventional forces, ships carrying Kalibr long-range precision weapons constitute their backbone. These missiles, as is known, are capable of striking targets at distances of up to 1,500 km and the fulfilment of the defence procurement plan will make it possible to more than double their number by 2023," Putin pointed out.

The pace of providing the Navy with ships capable of operating in distant waters is also increasing, he reported.

"Industrial enterprises are building nine surface ships of this class. In general, the share of modern weaponry in the Navy makes up 68%. Let me repeat again: we will continue developing the Navy and making it modern, ocean-worthy and highly efficient," the Russian president stressed.

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