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Russian Mordovia landing ship to begin overhaul in late 2019.

| 2019

The Mordovia air-cushioned landing ship of project 21322 will begin scheduled overhaul in the second half of 2019, a Navy source told Mil.Press FlotProm.

Russian Mordovia landing ship to begin overhaul in late 2019(Picture Source: Russian MoD)

The Yantar Shipyard on the Baltic Sea coast will overhaul the hull and the flexible seal, if necessary. The Yantar Shipyard said the overhaul of the similar Yevgeny Kocheshkov landing ship took less than half a year. The ship sailed out on May 6.

The shipyard and the Baltic fleet refused to comment. An informed industry source said the crew of the Mordovia would participate in the overhaul which can take place in the slipway rather than in the dry dock. It is necessary to overhaul 30-year old warships of project 21322, as the decision to build new ones has not been made.

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