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Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich joins forces in the Mediterranean Sea.

| 2019

The Admiral Grigorovich Black Sea Fleet frigate has joined the permanent force of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, the Southern Military District (YuVO) said.

Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich joins forces in the Mediterranean Sea A Russian Navy's Grigorovich-class frigate (Picture Source:

"Earlier, the crew made a planned passage from Sevastopol to the Mediterranean Sea during which it carried out a number of naval manoeuvres at training ranges in the Black Sea," YuVO said.

Jointly with Ka-27M helicopter crews the sailors drilled take-off and landing on the frigate’s deck; searched for and tracked submarines. The ship crews in charge of helicopter flights held training simultaneously to check the coherence of operation of the frigate’s aviation systems. The frigate’s crew is sailing on its first mission to the Mediterranean Sea this academic year.

Frigates of project 11356 are designed to strike at surface warships and submarines both in brown, blue and green waters and fight air targets solo and within the order of warships. The frigates are armed with 100mm artillery A-190 gun, missile complexes Kalibr and Shtil and torpedoes. The frigates can carry Ka-27 helicopter or its modifications. The displacement is 3620 tons, the length is 124.8 meters. Full speed is 30 knots and the navigational range is 4850 miles.

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