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Royal Navy and Royal Marines training with Baltic armed forces.

| 2019

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines are set to train with armed forces from former USSR countries as part of its commitment to protecting the Baltic states from a perceived threat from Russia. The training is the latest stage of Baltic Protector, a two-month deployment that sends a message to President Putin about the UK's commitment to keeping the Baltic sea safe.

Royal Navy and Royal Marines training with Baltic armed forces A Royal Marine from X-Ray Company, 45 Commando assaulting the final objective in Rinkenby, Sweden, during Baltic Protector 2019 (Picture Source: LPhot Joe Carter)

It will see the Royal Navy and Royal Marines work alongside troops from Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia - countries that were part of Russia until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Commandos will train alongside Lithuanian Armed Forces in urban surveillance and ambush tactics, but also with the Estonian Defence League – Estonia’s national reservist organisation.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: "The UK-led Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) are ready to test their ability to respond rapidly to threats and crises in the Baltic region on the next phase of their landmark first deployment."

"Covert amphibious raids, urban ambushes and counter-mine training will mark an action-packed third stage of Baltic Protector, on which more than 3,000 British troops and 16 navy ships are currently deployed." he then added.

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