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Rostec to upgrade production of cartridges for underwater firearms.

| 2019

The Central Scientific-Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH) of Rostec Corporation has commissioned an automated line for the assembly of cartridges for underwater firearms. The new line that comes as a result of a capacity upgrade effort will be producing more than 10,000 cartridges daily.

Rostec to upgrade production of cartridges for underwater firearms 001 Cartridges (Picture source : Rostec)

This ammunition is intended for the underwater pistol SPP-1, calibre 4.5 mm, and the underwater assault rifle APS, calibre 5.66-mm. They display high accuracy performance at a depth of five metres and can be used for precision fire at 20 m (pistol) and 40 m (rifle) under water.

"Production has been automated as part of an overall TSNIITOCHMASH upgrade program, with a significant reduction in expenses and cost of production. Staff has been re-trained to be able to operate the new equipment. The intended output will be enough to meet the demands of law enforcement agencies as regards this type of ammunition," said Sergey Abramov, Rostec's Industrial Director.

TSNIITOCHMASH developed the underwater pistol SPP-1 and the assault rifle APS for use by combat divers against subversive operators and for other purposes in above- and under-water combat.

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